Buying Boat Shoes

Cheap Boat Shoes For Men And Women

cheap boat shoes

The boating season is coming and many of us are searching for a brand of cheap boat shoes that are both comfortable and safe. The range of boat shoes for men and women is quite extensive and it’s important to always keep safety in  ind as well as fashion.

For many years boaters weren’t as lucky as we are now and it wasn’t until 1935 that the idea of a non-slip boat shoe was invented. The first cheap boat shoes were invented by Paul Sperry who based it all on the paws of his dog. He noticed that his dog never slipped on ice and he recreated the small lines and cracks in a dogs paw and applied that to boat shoes for men.

Things have come a long way since then. We can all have cheap boat shoes and finally throw away the old flip flops and sneakers and stride out on the deck looking the part. Nothing feels better than well fitting, safe and comfortable boat shoes as we spend our days on the water making the most of our leisure time.


Here are some important factors to consider when choosing boating shoes for men and women.

  • What type of boating or sailing will you need the cheap boat shoes for?
  • Will they support and offer protection for your feet
  • Do they offer good non slip performance
  • Will they keep your feet dry and warm
  • Are the soles non scuffing

cheap boat shoes

When looking for a cheap boat shoe it’s very important to check that the sole is designed for boating. The underside should have a pattern that will move as much water away as possible from under the boat shoe – similar to a car tire. A good rubber sole is ideal and will stop you sliding around on the deck. Ideally even a cheap boat shoe should also have some waterproof ability to help keep your feet dry and warm. Sometimes however this isn’t always the case so its best to check that the boat shoes you are interested in do offer some protection.

The price range of mens and womens boat shoes can vary a lot. When choosing a boat shoe take into account that some are designed more for fashion than boating. Don’t get confused with a great looking cheap boat shoe which sacrifices what it is really meant to do. Although a boat shoe should be usable and comfortable – primarily it is designed for safety on-board. Whatever boat shoe you choose your first consideration must always be safety. Will it drain a lot of water away. Will it stay securely on your foot. Will it dry quickly and offer a good life with a tough construction. Even when looking for a cheap boat shoe you must never sacrifice safety.